Strategic Advantages

Hidalgo is rich with a vibrant young skilled labor force on both sides of the border.

The Texas/ Mexico Border City of Hidalgo Tx. is a centralized geographic location that provides options to prospective companies seeking to relocate or startup their operations. On the border you have the strategic advantages of choosing your industrial market where companies have the option of producing materials in Reynosa while basing their distribution in Hidalgo, vibrant young skilled labor force on both sides of the border and a taxing system for you organization by sending your low cost maquila produced product for final assembly in Hidalgo in order to comply with regulations and guidelines avoiding retaliatory duties and tariffs.


Hidalgo’s neighboring City of Reynosa / Rio Bravo Tamps. Mexico is home to over 1.7 Million People. Reynosa is the largest city in the State of Tamaulipas. Reynosa is the home to several Fortune 500 companies such as Nokia, Panasonic and R.R. Donnelly & sons. It has 10 industrial parks and a growing commercial and service sector. Many U.S. based retailers such as Home Depot, H.E.B. and Lowes have a presence in Reynosa. It is home to Four universities, one technical institute and six training centers.


Connected by Three international port of entrys Hidalgo Texas is the “front door” to the United States. Surrounded by nine land ports-of-entry, one deep water seaport, four U.S. airports and one Mexican airport, this city of plenty is strategically positioned for business success.

Hidalgo Texas provides a full range of resources and infrastructure for the manufacturing and just-in-time supplier. Emerging global shipping and distribution trends make Hidalgo Texas attractive because of its distance to markets, both domestic and international. As it stands, Asian, European, and South American goods arrive at U.S. ports on the west, east and southeastern coasts respectively, and then the goods must be shipped to multiple distribution centers across the country to be assembled and staged for sale.

Due to its proximity to the coast and the strong presence of other modes of transportation to transfer commodities to and from local, regional, national and global markets Hidalgo Texas is an ideal location for business that requires significant transportation resources.

Distance to Markets (1)
City Distance in Miles Drive Time
Houston, TX 356 5 hrs 28 min
Dallas, TX 514 7 hrs 21 min
New Orleans, LA 702 10 hrs 40 min
Tulsa, OK 771 11 hrs 57 min
Albuquerque, NM 959 14 hrs 23 min
Phoenix, AZ 1,228 17 hrs 38 min
St. Louis, MO 1,144 17 hrs 35 min
Denver, CO 1,180 18hrs 2 min
San Diego, CA 1,524 21 hrs 37 min
Los Angeles, CA 1,600 22 hrs 59 min
Las Vegas, NV 1,525 22 hrs 9 min
Distance to International Markets (2)
City Distance in Miles Drive Time
Reynosa, Tamaulipas 1.1 9 min
Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas 16 35 min
Matamoros, Tamaulipas 56 1 hr 17 min
Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas 54 1 hr 18 min
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon 138 2 hrs 43 min
Mexico City 660 11 hrs 50 min
Sources: (1) Rand McNally,; (2); (as of May 2009)
There are a total of eleven international bridges in the region, with a twelfth under construction, directly linking its neighboring state of Tamaulipas in Mexico. Numerous commercial and non-commercial bridges connect the counties of Starr, Hidalgo and Cameron to some of Mexico’s larger and economically-viable cities such as Reynosa just across the City of Hidalgo and Matamoros and the rest of the world.

The Anzalduas International Bridge opened in December 2009, connecting South McAllen/Mission to the southwest area of Reynosa. This bridge provides the quickest, most direct route from Hidalgo County to Monterrey and provides a straight connection between the industrial parks in Hidalgo and McAllen/Mission and Reynosa. The TFM provides rail service to and from the Port of Brownsville and Mexico directly, and the Alliance Bridge, set to open in 2010, will connect the city of Donna in eastern Hidalgo County to the Mexican city of Rio Bravo. For more information, visit

Hidalgo County

Progreso-Nuevo Progreso Bridge

Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge

McAllen-Hidalgo-Reynosa Bridge

Los Ebanos Ferry

Anzalduas International Bridge

Donna Bridge

Cameron County

B&M Bridge at Brownsville

Veterans International Bridge at Los Tomates

Gateway International Bridge

Free Trade Bridge at Los Indios

Starr County

Starr-Camargo Bridge

Roma-Ciudad Miguel Alemán Bridge

Hidalgo Texas has several nieghboring public and commercial airports able to accommodate large aircraft and are some of the most accessible in the region.


Name / ID Associated City Longest Runway
Length / Width
Acres Control
Brownsville/South Padre Island International (BRO) Brownsville, TX 7,399 x 150 1,700 Yes
Valley International (HRL) Harlingen, TX 8,301 x 150 2,428 Yes
South Texas International (EBG) Edinburg, TX 5,000 x 75 490 No
McAllen Miller International (MFE) McAllen, TX 7,120 x 150 370 Yes
Sources: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration Airport Master Records as posted on (as of March 2009)
With multiple nieghboring water ports, both shallow and deep water, South Texas is capable of transporting millions of tons of cargo for import and export, and like our airports, our water ports provide a great degree of accessibility allowing quick shipping to both domestic and international locations.

Nearest Seaports
Name Services
Port of Brownsville
Deepwater seaportTwo miles from City of BrownsvilleReady access to Gulf of Mexico and Rio Grande RiverGateway to Mexico’s industrial center

Over 230 companies located here

Access the port via ocean vessels, barge, truck transport, rail and air service

Foreign Trade Zone

Over 2,300 acres are available for usage

Many sites are rail served

Port of Harlingen
Shallow draft barge port serving US markets to the Great LakesOver 1,300 miles of protected waterway

125 ft wide x 12 ft deep channel supplied by the Arroyo Colorado fresh water river

Over 150 acres of on-and-off channel sites available for industrial use

Many sites are rail served

Port Isabel
Deepwater port serving Mexico, Central and South America, and US marketsHome to more than 27 businesses

45 acres, large and small parcels, are available for lease

36 ft controlling depth

1,000 x 1,500 foot turning basin allows maneuverability for vessels up to 700 ft long

Port Mansfield
Land and dock leases for both commercial and private usesCovered and uncovered boat stalls

3,200 ft paved and lighted airfield for public use

Source: Texas Ports Association ( and Port websites (October 2010)
HidalgoTexas is served by US Expressway 83, a 6 lane divided highway, U.S. 77, a 4 lane divided roadway, and US 281, a 4 lane divided roadway, which is a designated I-69 corridor. U.S. Hwy 281 and 83 connect the region with I-37 and I-35 running North and South. The I-69 corridor, extending from Mexico City to Canada, will run through South Texas and connect with other Interstate Highways throughout the U.S.
As the home to a Foreign Trade Zone and a industrial park, Hidalgo Texas has an abundance of warehousing space in close proximity to major transportation routes. See properties available .